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Amazing tattoo artist in LA! [06 Dec 2007|08:23am]

His name is Ian, he works at body electric off of melrose (between poinsettia and la brea)

Only person i let touch me in LA! He is very very clean, and is an amazing artist!

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Outer Limits [20 Sep 2007|01:23am]

Anyone know of a shop in the OC called Outerlimits?

Any reviews?

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Guest Artist Spots Available: [23 May 2007|12:40pm]

If anyone knows of any tattoo artists who are available/you are a tattoo artist who is available to guest artist this summer, please let me know.

Please comment back, or email me at stephaniespins@hotmail.com

Electric Babylon Tattoos & Piercing
Unit 1-353 Provencher Blvd
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)
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Hey [21 Feb 2007|03:32pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey, I'm new here, I'm not actually from L.A, but I do plan to move there sometime in the hopefully near future, so I figured I'd branch out and make some contacts. I want to be a tattoo artist. That is my ultimate goal. I want to try and make a contact who is willing to take me on as an apprentice or is willing to let me work as shop help until I turn 18, when I can apply for a green card and make living in L.A a permanent thing.

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Who's Wrong, Me Or The Artist? [12 Sep 2006|05:50am]

This happened last night:

I just got a neck piece that I'm in love with from an artist I just found and decided to get another one on the other side. Both of the pieces were designed by him, and the first one he stuck to the drawing 100%. He started working on the second one and got almost completely finished when I went to the bathroom and noticed that my entire neck was blue (the piece is a triangle with ocean waves and a sunset-the original had white/gray/very very very light blue rays of sun between the gradiant sunset) and he had decided to turn those light-colored rays completely bright blue without asking me. I got upset and he called me stupid and said he just had to wipe off the extra ink. It's entirely blue. I left the shop then and there because I was so upset. (I had also recieved some awful news and was became rather depressed halfway through the session and he had noticed) As a "joke" he lightly grazed my shoulder with the needle and now there's a small blue line that he insists isn't deep enough to be permanent and that it will flake off. I'm furious.

I went back after I had time to cool down and he said that I was being silly and overdramatic and was upset because it wasn't EXACTLY like the drawing and that he'd finish it and asked me to wait outside. I waited for over an hour and a half before he told me he wouldn't be able to finish it tonight but I could come back first thing in the morning and he'd finish it.

He's an asshole and got all defensive when I pointed out the total discrepency in the piece and that he was out of line. He also had another client there who I had spoken to all day and the previous time I was there who backed him up and basically called me a child and told me I stormed out so I wasn't entitled to ask for him to fix/finish it.

I'm going in first thing in the morning, however, I'm going to expect him to change it to my specifications, for no extra cost, and I'm tempted to even ask for a full refund, but I'll settle for an apology.

Am I being dramatic or was he out of line?
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[22 Jun 2006|01:54am]

It's worth the trip, John Miller in Lancaster.

Heart-o-gram cover-up, session 1. (10th tat, 9 pieces all together)
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Shop/Artist question [06 Aug 2005|03:55pm]

Hello all, I'm new to this community and will be cross-posting this question to a few others (sorry for that). I think this will be the perfect community for my question...:

I'm about to get inked for the first time and I'm trying to track down an artist in LA on Melrose who specializes in Totem imagery. He goes by one name (something unique but hard for my friend to remember apparently) and comes recommended by a friend. If anyone can give me information on where I can find this artist (or someone in SoCal who has an impressive portfolio with Native American art), please leave a comment. Thanks and I hope to be back soon to show off my new tattoo. :) :)
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Kanji Learning Software [03 Jul 2005|01:38am]

Cute Kanji learning program
redraw kanji stroke by stroke and learn

if order or direction is wrong - program will not accept it

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[24 Aug 2004|08:35am]
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haven't posted in a while... [03 Mar 2004|07:49am]
[ mood | awake ]

title or description

Looking for people within the Los Angeles area...if interested visit my journal...Thanks!

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[23 Oct 2003|08:53pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I'm so proud to be the first post ever here. I'm from Agoura Hills... It's not completed. It means "She flies with her own wings" in Latin.. I got in on my 18th birthday partially to celebrate my being an adult now, and as a memorial to my mom who died in 2002. She always flew with her own wings.

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